I’m Japanese Vegan Bodybuilder


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. This page was made to introduce myself, to let you know WHO I AM, WHAT I’M DOING and WHAT I WILL DO.

My name is Ayumi Ikeda. I was born in Yokohama, Japan on February 11, 1994.

I was raised up in this beautiful city until I turned 19. I played American football for 5 years for my high school and college in Japan. But In 2013 when I just turned 19, I decided to try making my “Dreams come true” as American football player.

I left Japan and went to Chihuahua, Mexico as student athlete with a full-ride scholarship and started to study in college as Freshman again.


I played running back and long snapper. My highlights are below if you want check them out.

Also I trained track and field, boxing and weightlifting to get better as football player, even though it was really tough. Then I got overtraining syndrome in my 3rd year playing in Mexico. I tried many things to recover from it but they didn’t work. So I decided to finally end my football career on August, 2017 to start my second life.


In actuality, I love weight-training and diet management to get a bodybuilding physique. And I am very confident in my knowledge because of my time as an athlete and my time studying Physical Education in college.
So now I am working online sharing my knowledge and experience about bodybuilding to YOU.

On the other hand, I do the bodybuilding myself with VEGAN DIET.
I do this diet because I love animals and respect animal rights. That is why I stoped consuming animal products, so I do not partake in their deaths.

But regardless of that I do not believe that vegan diets are healthier or better to get an incredible physique like many believe so. A vegan diets does not provide many nutrients like EAA, omega-3, vitamin B12 etc. All of which are essential for building a good healthy physique.

Because of this, I experiment with my body to find more efficient ways to build muscle and show the world that yes “VEGANS CAN DO THAT”. I want to inspire people to care about their physiques like athletes without being limited by being vegan.


I will prove this on my blog, SNS and on stage of bodybuilding contests. So please follow me on my SNS account. Don’t overlook the story of the first Japanese vegan bodybuilder.

Also, if you want to have a partner ship like affiliate program or beacome a sponsor. I have 1,000 followers on Twitter, and 30,000 page views per month on this blog. My Instagram account is just growing but remember I can reach many Japanese on this blog and Twitter.

Please send me massage on Instagram, Twitter or E-mail if you are interested or have any questions. I’m more than happy to help.


Thank you.

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