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Ok people, it's time we put this "you need meat to build muscle" BS argument to rest. With veganism on the rise, many athletes and bodybuilders are switching over to the green side 😁👍🏼 As soon as they do, they talk about how energized they feel, how quickly they recover, how easy it is to build muscle, and how their overall health has vastly improved. BUT, there is still a popular argument that these newly plant based athletes have built their physique on a meat based diet and are merely maintaining their gains on plants. I am here to prove these folks wrong. I have NEVER eaten meat. You read that right, NEVER. I was raised a lacto-vegetarian (dairy products & veggies) since birth and have never eaten chicken, beef, fish, turkey, sausage, etc. I was able to build a solid foundation of muscle while being vegetarian, but it wasn't until I went fully plant based a few years ago that I built most of my gains. In fact, all of the bodybuilding contests that I've done were on a plant based diet and I've managed to win several overalls in both the INBA and NPC leagues, a pro status, and top 5 finishes in the IFBB league. I'm not done either. Mark my words, I WILL make it to Olympia next year. So please, can we put this argument to rest already? #sorrynotsorryfortherant #veganbodybuilding #isthefuture

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彼の名はNimai Delgado
IFBB Proに所属するヴィーガンボディービルダーです!



インスタの写真の通り、Never eaten meat. 肉を一切食べたことがない生まれながらのベジタリアンなんです。






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READ👉🏼Exactly 1 year ago I did what so many people told me was impossible. I earned my IFBB pro status at the biggest and toughest pro-qualifying show of the year. I did it my way and didn't have to sacrifice my beliefs. I did it naturally and I did it fully plant based without meat, eggs, fish, or dairy. I didn't listen to anyone's comments about how I "had" to take this or "had" to eat that in order to reach the pro level. The ONLY person I listened to was myself and my coach @omarv33. He believed in me just as much as I believed in me and helped guide me. I knew deep down that if I put my mind to something, I would do it. I'm not writing this to brag or anything of that sort. I'm writing this because fear and conformity kills more dreams than anything else. It's ok go against the grain and still accomplish your goal without having to dilute who you are as a person. Own that shit. Be proud of who you are and later on, after you accomplished what you set out to accomplish, those SAME doubters will come to asking for advice and how you did it! #truth #flashbackfriday #teamventura

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  1. 2015/5/18 NPC Fresno Classic Contest 優勝(新人の部) 2位(総合)
  2. 2016/4/4 NPC Fresno Classic Contest 優勝
  3. 2016/4/4 NPC Grand Prix Championships 2位
  4. 2016/7/7 NPC USA Championships 優勝
  5. 2016/11/11 IFBB Sacramento Pro 6位
  6. 2017/3/10 IFBB HAWAII PRO Men’s Physique 8位
  7. 2017/7/1 IFBB SAN JOSE PRO Men’s Physique 5位
  8. 2017/7/9 IFBB VANCOUVER PRO Men’s Physique 7位




This is my "hurry up and take the damn picture so I can devour this veggie burger" smile. #veggieburger #veganbodybuildingfood

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📝 Long Story Alert I've been pretty blessed to capture some "awakening" moments in my life. This is no exception. After a nauseating 2 hour taxi ride, a 2 hour hike over lava rocks, and a few monkey attacks, my friend and I managed to make it up to the peak of Mt. Batur, an active volcano in the heart of Indonesia. After enjoying the sunrise & the best cup of Indonesian coffee I've ever had, we talked about life and everything we both had going on. I was at a crossroads and I came to the realization that I needed to trust my intuition more. I had known for quite some time what decisions I had to make in order to move forward with my life but I had kept putting them off because I was complacent but at the same time extremely unhappy. The moment I came back home I decided to make those changes and six months later my life is on a totally different path than before and the future couldn't be brighter. My point is that you should never suppress your intuition. Always listen to your gut and follow your heart because you know what is best for you and sometimes we put our personal needs aside for other people and sacrifice our own happiness. #thoughtoftheday

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If you need to "escape" from your life then maybe you need to reevaluate how you're living. #livemore #stressless

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✨Simple 4 step guide to accomplishing your goals: 1. Dream it. 2. Believe it. 3. Achieve it. 4. Receive it.

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Kill em' wth success and bury em' with a smile. #happyfriday

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